Saturday, 27 August 2016

Have you thought of joining us

I know I have posted about this before, but thought I would remind you that we would love to welcome new members to join us.  The stall is run as a co-operative and we take 10% (this may change slightly), the rest is yours to keep.

Check out this blog and facebook page to see what we do, and you can also see that what other markets are producing by see our likes on facebook, it might give you some ideas.

Maybe you have recently retired, you have an excess of produce from your allotment or garden, or a craft worker looking for a new outlet.  Or just enjoy baking, making and growing and want to get involved.

Anyone over the age of 16 can join. We can attend other events, not just the Thursday market, and join with other Country Markets for events.

You can advertise and tell all of your friends, relatives and customers that your produce will be on the market every Thursday, and you might get a loyal customer base.  We try to post on facebook, Twitter and on here to let people know what we are up to as well.

So if you are someone that can:

  • Cook - such as cakes, pies, preserves, chutneys, savouries
  • Raise plants - from bedding plants to shrubs
  • Grow fuit or vegetables - seasonal from your garden or allotment
  • Crafts - hand make items like knitting, embroidery, watercolours, as long as they are hand crafted and quality finished, they will be considered
  • Or if you just want to come along and help for a couple of hours, to see what we do that would be great too

Here is a little bit about the organisation
The Country Markets is a national organisation originally set up by the WI as a trading 'arm' and is now independent, it is basically a co-operative.  The country markets have their on website here:

Country Markets and they have loads of information on there about becoming a member.  We do have to abide by the national rules, and they interpret the national rules and regulations around food hygiene and labelling, as an example there has recently been a big change over allergens in food and labelling required which we have had to include, so all the information has been passed onto us.

The market is run as a co-operative, here are a few of the main points on how it is run:

  • there are no minimum quantities
  • you do not have to contribute every week
  • a commission is taken on sales, presently 10%, which covers the cost of the stall and insurance etc
  • you will be paid once a month for your sales
  • packaging is available to buy - bags, card and jar lids
  • we give advice on Food Hygiene certification is available for cooks, as well as financial contribution (this can be done on line now)
  • and advice on how to package and produce labels
  • there is a rota to 'man' the stall and you would normally have one 2 hour shift a month, but the members are flexible and if you cannot help then arrangements can be made
  • bear in mind the stall is outdoors and whatever products you wish to sell will need to be displayed on a potentially windy and wet market stall!
  • Anyone over 16 can be a member and it costs 5p to join.

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